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Garage Door Service in Woodland, CA

Call us at Garage Door Repair of Woodland CA today to schedule your garage door service or repair. We want to be your first and only call for fast, courteous and reliable repair service. We repair all makes and models of garage doors.

When you call us you can sit back and relax knowing that your garage door is in good hands.

Don’t Wait Till You Need a Repair

When your garage door doesn’t work it makes for a bad day. Many problems can be caught before they result in a repair call. We can check and adjust your entire system and can let you know when parts are getting ready to fail. 

Your garage door operates several times a day. Springs are under constant tension and weaken over time. We can inspect adjust and lubricate your system so that parts last longer and extend the life of your door. We can also ensure that the safety system is working properly keeping you and your family safe. 

Some Signs of Problems

Does your garage door stop and reopen on the way down? This is usually a sign the safety system is obstructed or misaligned. There are two sensors mounted on the rails near the floor of the garage. Make sure these are clean and pointed at each other.

If the door is sluggish to open or the motor sounds like it is straining to open the door. The springs may be getting weak. A technician can adjust them but only to a point. Replacing weak springs is a good way to avoid unplanned repair. 

What Regular Maintenance Entails

When we come out and inspect your garage door system. We lubricate the rollers, cable, and springs. This helps prevent binding and excessive wear on those parts. We check the motor box and ensure the motor is not overloaded and the gears are properly aligned. 

We also check the drive cable for proper tension and make sure that safety sensors are clear of debris and properly aligned. We can also check remote controls, and access panels for proper operation. When we are done you have peace of mind that your garage door will continue to serve you.

How Often Does My Door Need Service?

Under normal use, we recommend an annual inspection and service. Our lube and tune service is designed to keep your door running smoothly all year. Most customers schedule this along with spring cleaning or at the same time they winterize their cars. 

The garage door service can be done while you are doing these activities. You rely on your door to operate safely and keep your possessions secure. Your door is there for you, several times a day every day, month after month. Give it the attention it deserves. 

Call Now and Set Up Garage Door Service

Call Garage Door Repair of Woodland CA for service today, or for a time convenient for you. We can take care of your garage door at a time that is good for you. Our experienced technicians can quickly service, lubricate and adjust your garage door. 

You should be able to take your garage door for granted. Hit the button without a second thought, day after day. Just a couple of hours a year is all it takes to keep your door operating faithfully when you need it. Call us and schedule your annual service today.

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